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Zero Download, Browser-Based Meetings for Everyone

WebRTC video conferencing with nothing to download or install

Meetings that are quick and easy to join

BlueJeans’ unparalleled WebRTC support means there’s nothing to download, just easy, instant meetings directly from your browser. In continued efforts to advance our 2018 WebRTC Product of the Year, BlueJeans’ zero download, browser-based meeting experience brings immersive video, spatial audio, and intelligent meeting join automation to make meetings simple and productive.


BlueJeans WebRTC Browser-Based Video Conferencing

Real-time video conferencing

Users join full-featured, video meetings via major browsers. With nothing to download and no plug-ins required, you can record meetings, share content, start a text chat, and talk face-to-face right within your browser window.


Unmatched browser support

Freedom of choice means you can work how you want. BlueJeans WebRTC supports major browsers—including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Edge—for one-click video, audio, and web conferencing.


Frustration-free experience

Intelligent Join allows meeting hosts to preconfigure their meeting invitations to automatically place participants into browser-based meetings. This intelligent feature bypasses download requests and simplifies the join experience for first-time users.


Crystal-clear audio

Spatial audio provides meeting attendees with the ability to distinguish between two individuals talking at the same time and allows users to easily separate out non-relevant noises, like typing or knocking.


Easy sales calls, interviews and more

Fuel multiple business scenarios with simple, modern WebRTC browser meetings. From vital sales calls and essential customer check-ins to seamless candidate interviews and professional webinars, BlueJeans WebRTC removes obstacles so attendees join instantly, and meetings start on time.

Verified Security

Secure, encrypted connections

Keep communication data safe from unwanted intrusions. WebRTC safeguards your video meetings using Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS), ensuring they stay private, protected, and trusted. In addition, BlueJeans’ entire platform includes enterprise-grade AES encryption and is SOC 2 and 3 compliant.

Supported Web Browsers

BlueJeans in the Browser is compatible with today's leading browsers.

Two-way VOIP
Enhanced Audio
Two-way Video
Share Content

(Desktop Only)

Receive Content
Firewall and Proxy Traversal
Chrome Opus Spatial Audio
Firefox Opus Spatial Audio
Edge Opus Spatial Audio
Safari Opus Spatial Audio
Opera Opus Spatial Audio
Internet Explorer Phone Only Phone Only

Meet from any web browser with BlueJeans for WebRTC

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