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Host Unforgettable Webinars with Feature-Rich Software

The highly interactive webinar platform for TV-quality experiences. Now with free BlueJeans Studio tools.


Replace Worn-Out Webinars with Exciting, Immersive Experiences

Modernize how you communicate and generate opportunities that old-school webinars never could. With a rich set of built-in features, BlueJeans Events webinar software delivers high-quality, production-grade content that audiences love, no matter where or how they join.

Engage with Your Audience

Interact with attendees using integrated chat, polling, and Q & A features, and share your audience’s messages on the screen with one click.

Switch Up Presenter Layouts

Mimic TV broadcasts by changing how your presenters appear on-screen. The simple drag and drop functionality lets you add or remove presenters on screen with ease.

Customize the Experience


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Brand your  webinars and customize the on-screen experience with custom lower third overlays, ticker banners, on-screen backgrounds, logos, colors, name tags, and more.

Host Unforgettable Webinars

Boost your brand and captivate your audience with high-quality video content, immersive presentations, live entertainment, and more.

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Broadcast Live or Share On-Demand

3…2…1…GO: Go live with up to 150,000 registered attendees or record the event for on-demand viewing.


Stream from Your Website

Embed your event stream onto any web site, or stream to social media sites to connect with millions.

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Fast-track Scheduling and RSVP

Event organizers can easily create and customize webinars, send invitations, and track registrations with email reminders sending up until the event start time.

Interactive Dashboards

Capture Insights and Analytics

Measure audience attentiveness with the attendee engagement index that is calculated and based on their attendance duration, participation, and focus on the event content.

Advanced Quality Metrics

Qualify Leads in Real-Time

Send product-specific polling questions to evaluate buyer behavior and enable question up-voting to respond to hot topics.


Manage and Moderate Confidently

The producer’s dashboard gives you control over your event with a 360-degree view into all presenter and attendee communications.

Webinar Software Integrations For Maximum Reach and Return

Turn your virtual event into a full-stack marketing machine with promotion, amplification, and follow-up support from popular marketing automation, CRM, social media, and event management platforms.

Host better webinars with BlueJeans

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