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Customer Story

Virgin Hyperloop Livestreams Historic First Passenger Test

COVID-19 restrictions prevented Virgin Hyperloop from holding an in-person event to showcase the first manned test of its hyperloop transportation system, so the company took a different approach. It used BlueJeans Events to livestream the historic test to guests watching at a COVID-safe drive-in theater style gathering.


  • To create a COVID-safe way for Virgin Hyperloop’s team members, investors, and the media to view the first passenger test of the company’s hyperloop system.


  • Virgin Hyperloop used BlueJeans Events to livestream its first passenger test for employees and other stakeholders.
  • Using streaming software in conjunction with BlueJeans’ video pinning and layout features, Virgin Hyperloop was able to combine several video feeds to create a single video stream for broadcasting.
  • BlueJeans Events’ video upload feature meant the stream was shown at a much higher frame rate than can be achieved with screen-sharing options, ensuring superior picture quality.


  • Virgin Hyperloop’s IT team successfully streamed the historic tests for employees watching on a drive-in theater screen at the test site, as well as employees, their families at home, and investors watching remotely. Realtime connections averaged approximately 325 connections.
  • The livestream received excellent feedback from guests and other stakeholders and resulted in positive media coverage.


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