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BlueJeans How-to Videos

Quick-hit videos designed to help you learn how to use BlueJeans like an expert.

In-Meeting Controls


BlueJeans Meetings provides flexible options for teams to come together and collaborate with a range of in-meeting controls.

How to Join a Meeting


Joining a BlueJeans Meeting is simple and quick through a calendar invite, the desktop app, or by using a meeting ID and passcode.

Content Sharing


BlueJeans Meetings provides a robust set of features for sharing content to increase the effectiveness of your meetings.

Virtual Background


Transform your background by blurring your surroundings or adding a custom image to eliminate distractions.



Record everything that occurs in a meeting – audio, video, and screen sharing - and easily share to watch on-demand.

Dolby Voice


BlueJeans Meetings delivers the highest fidelity audio to allow meeting participants to hear clearly and communicate naturally.

Collab Board


Increase collaboration in your meetings with an infinite digital canvas, where you can co-create and brainstorm cool new ideas. 

Smart Meetings


BlueJeans Smart Meetings empowers users to regain control over their calendars and decline low-value meetings.

Breakout Sessions


Breakout Sessions create opportunities for better collaboration by splitting attendees into smaller, simultaneous meetings.



Improve your interactive meetings experience with Polling, where both participants and meeting hosts can gain newfound insights.

Computer Vision


BlueJeans is bringing the latest computer vision innovations to your next meeting with innovative technology.

Participant Reactions


BlueJeans Meetings gives users a variety of ways to express their feelings without interrupting the flow of the discussion.

Enhanced Gallery View


BlueJeans Meetings delivers an engaging meeting experience for large audiences by displaying up to 25 participants on the screen.

Interactive Video Tiles


Boost collaboration in your meetings with interactive video tiles– spotlight, direct message, pin participant, or display local time.



BlueJeans Meetings delivers an inclusive design with features like closed captioning, keyboard accessibility, and visual enablement.

Secure Meetings


Ensure your private meetings remain private, with BlueJeans security features including the waiting room and participant controls.

Mobile Experience


BlueJeans Mobile offers a fully-featured experience on iOS and Android that delivers incredible performance for meetings on the go.

Meeting Dashboard


The BlueJeans Meeting Dashboard includes features, participants, and functionality in a concise environment for training.