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Feature: Polling in BlueJeans Events

Polling is a great way for presenters to interact with audiences, ask questions and collect feedback—all in real-time. This feature makes it easy to keep large audiences engaged and gauge if people understand the concepts being presented. Learn more about BlueJeans Events at:



Narrator [0:04-1:16] Introducing: Polling in prime time. Engage your attendees by creating custom polls. You have the flexibility to create polls while planning your event or during the event. Creating a poll is simple; open the polls tab in the moderate view and hit “create a poll”. Enter your question, add responses and save. You can create one or more polls and start them one at a time during the event. You can take feedback on your event or find out the audience’s favorite superhero; use your imagination. Once you start the poll, it will pop up on the attendees’ screen for a response. You can see the participants and results in real time and then the poll when you get enough votes. That’s polling for you.