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How Sentral Kualitas Riset Has Grown Its International Clients Using BlueJeans Meetings

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In Jakarta’s bustling market research industry, Sentral Kualitas Riset (SKR) excels in serving overseas clients through video conferencing. Intrigued by BlueJeans Meetings’ superior audio and video quality, SKR adopted the virtual meeting platform. Since then, it has enjoyed uninterrupted connectivity, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced collaboration. This has improved customer satisfaction and cemented SKR’s reputation as a leading market research firm in Indonesia, attracting a growing pool of clients.


  • Enhance client experiences and research quality through outstanding and reliable communication


  • Adopts BlueJeans Meetings as a core platform for virtual meetings, interviews, and surveys 


  • Maintains stable audio and video despite weak Wi-Fi signals and low bandwidth, minimizing disruptions
  • Reduces monthly costs by around 10% by doing virtual surveys and interviews
  • Improves collaboration, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and a growing clientele

“Many of our potential clients are selective of the platforms they use for their projects. With BlueJeans Meetings, we have an ideal platform.”
– Sandi Zay, Founder, Sentral Kualitas Riset

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Jakarta Raya, Indonesia