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Enterprise Solutions for Secure Video Conferencing

Essential security for enterprise-grade video conferencing. BlueJeans is committed to providing industry-leading protection settings for every organization.


Video Conference Security Features

Prevent unwanted participants from joining meetings and protect end-user privacy with security settings enabled by default or whenever required.


Meeting ID

A randomized nine-digit ID is assigned to each meeting to keep the credentials private.


Participant Passcode

A second-level of authentication that can be enabled for each meeting.


Application Share

Avoid sharing unintended content with meeting participants by using individual app share, rather than sharing the entire screen.


Lock Meeting

During the course of a meeting, the session may be locked down to only include those participants who are in attendance.


Expel Participant

During the course of a meeting, any participant can quickly be removed from the meeting with a click of a button.

Advanced Quality Metrics

Encrypted Video Calls

An option that forces a BlueJeans meeting to only allow end points with sufficient encryption capabilities enabled.


Administrative Safeguards for Secure Web Conferences

Enforce video meeting security from your BlueJeans administrator dashboard and customize end-user accessibility

Video Conferencing Security Administration

Group Administrator Security Features

  • User Authentication Options (standard user password configuration or SAML Single Sign-On)
  • Two-factor authentication using SSO for internal event confidentiality
  • User password requirements
  • Change password options
  • Failed login notifications
Secure Cloud Video Conferencing


Privacy and Data Protection

Only the most basic customer data is stored in the BlueJeans database, including: username, password (SHA-256 salted hash), email, name, title, company, and profile picture.

BlueJeans delivers secure meetings through standards-based encryption, ensuring the highest levels of confidentiality and security for all your business communications, regardless of hardware environment.

Recordings are stored in secure containers in the cloud. These videos are encrypted at rest (AES-256bit) and are only accessible to the recording originator.

BlueJeans Secure Video Meetings

block illegitimate meeting participants

BlueJeans Fraud Management

BlueJeans includes the following fraud detection and prevention mechanisms within our service to detect identity theft issues while logging in or joining meetings:

  • Notify users and administrators of repeated login and meeting join failures
  • Disable chat or meeting recording to mitigate against sharing of sensitive information such as account information and SSN
  • Limit personal information collected among end-users and external participants by requiring only first name, last name, and/or email address. Invitees can join meetings with just a display name of their choice.