BlueJeans Virtual Breakout Sessions

Looking to facilitate small group discussions within the context of an existing BlueJeans Meeting *without* having to spin up additional meetings to support the scenario? Look no further.

With BlueJeans Breakout Sessions, BlueJeans delivers an integrated and automated approach for assigning meeting attendees to up to 75 working groups—at just the touch of a button!

What is a Virtual Breakout Session?

A virtual breakout session, also known as a breakout meeting or breakout room, happens when large groups of people split into smaller groups to discuss different topics or brainstorm ideas. When successful, virtual breakout sessions are engaging and align attendees around the right outcomes, helping them develop ideas and a way forward. Generally, they occur simultaneously—with attendees participating for a designated amount of time before rejoining the larger group.

For those video conferencing scenarios that require large groups to break into individual project teams for various exercises, such as with training and education sessions, BlueJeans now allows meeting Moderators to create separate virtual breakout rooms and move participants in and out of them as needed.

No matter the purpose or venue, organizations of all types want simple, productivity-enhancing tools for online breakout sessions that support a more personal feel and encourage smaller group participation.

How do BlueJeans Breakout Sessions work?

With BlueJeans Breakout Sessions, attendees are automatically placed into the appropriate session, with simple access to the full suite of BlueJeans Meetings features—like screen share, session recording, and whiteboarding. To monitor progress, meeting hosts can easily jump from one breakout session to another. Once the breakout period ends, hosts can call everyone back to the main meeting room with one click. When that happens, attendees in the virtual breakout rooms are given 10 seconds to wrap their discussion before returning.

Setting Up BlueJeans Virtual Breakout Rooms

BlueJeans Breakout Sessions are an easy to use, incredibly powerful tool for when small group discussion is preferred, but physical barriers or cumbersome technology get in the way. With an intuitive administrative workflow that makes it easy for meeting hosts and attendees to get started, BlueJeans Meetings enrich the breakout experience while improving discussion in large group meetings.

So, go ahead and fire up those separate, temporary work sessions for better collaboration within your larger virtual meetings—your meeting outcomes are now strengthened by BlueJeans Breakout Sessions.