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AI-powered cryptocurrency prediction tool that combines Machine Learning and Big Data – all in one, for investors.


Innovative app with voice recognition for convenient language learning, anytime and anywhere.


Handyman from the neighborhood – how to find him? With few taps, with this app.


A system to control building activities and used hardware in a building company. An app collects information estimating daily costs of services, displaying hardware parameters.


Effective management platform for mental health patients and specialists. Super-secure and with video consultations.


Culture makes a difference. Tinder-like app in Dubai? Yes. In Arabic? Yes. We went far beyond the expectations.

Kids Doctor

The teleconsultations platform dedicated to children’s wellbeing. A web application that connects patients with doctors and professors with a kid-friendly design.


Taking stress off the shoulders of many traders in the global financial market is not easy. Well, we did it – here’s the app.

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