SaaS solution engineered to deliver multichannel, real-time voice communication capabilities to the financial market


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IPC is a technology and service leader powering the global financial markets that specialize in trading turrets, which are innovative communication devices for traders. They hire more than 1000 employees around the world, generating more than 500M$ revenue yearly. Their product is a unique tool for monitoring many connections while maintaining constant contact with all intermediaries.


Finding a reliable offshore development business partner to deliver a sophisticated software project. The client wanted to develop a mobile application and was looking for a company that would undertake this task. IPC had a complex internal infrastructure and it was possible only for an experienced team of IT specialists to understand all the dependencies.


The client was highly satisfied with itCraft’s ability to communicate regularly and effectively. Each milestone was achieved by mutual collaboration. All tasks were delivered exactly on time. IPC also appreciated our consultations and professional approach to every issue we’ve stumbled upon. We are continuing our collaboration and are working on further expansion of the product.

Technical Objective

The project assumptions were based on finding a long-term partner with excellent expertise in web and mobile development. Main requirements included understanding technical solutions, quick onboarding into the project and efficient collaboration between the IPC team and the hired company. The first project needed to be delivered within 10 months and then the client predicted the continuation with regular tasks to be accomplished by the partner.

Project setup

After signing the collaboration contract, the itCraft team started working on the first project that was forecasted to last approximately 10 months. They composed a dedicated full-stack team of ten IT specialists with project managers, designers and developers. Then, a one-week long onboarding process was performed by IPC representatives from the USA – they came to one of our offices in Poland to do just that. After these workshops, we were ready to start the production process. We’ve established communication principles with daily meetings and adapted Agile Scrum methodology to the client’s needs.


IPC decided to investigate multiple offshore IT companies within their procurement process. They wanted to find the software house that would match their requirements perfectly in terms of experience. A dedicated committee including Head of Product Development and other employees was responsible for checking and finally pick the right brand. They decided that itCraft will be their vendor of choice.

Client's review