Quickly catalogue all building-related items


PL | Construction Company


Dampak is a building company that came to us with their Toolpad app project. They wanted to simplify the construction site management process with a set of apps.


Creating a system that would allow Dampak and its clients to control building activities and used hardware.
An app dedicated to collecting information about cars, scaffolds and other equipment, ordering repairing services, noting changes when stuff is moved between sites, estimating daily costs of building services, displaying hardware parameters, etc.


The app was implemented in March 2021 for Dampak only, but in the future, it will be a complete SaaS solution sold to their B2B clients so they can optimize their work on construction sites.
The company is looking for a further growth opportunity and is thinking about creating an app for external maintenance technicians that could be hired to repair building equipment.

Technical Objective

We’ve had to prepare a system that would allow the product owner and their customers to perform quick cataloging of all building-related items. The app would be used by building companies that operate on more than one construction site and their employees. In the beginning, the app was dedicated to a Polish market, but it might change in the future.

Technical Solution

The whole system consists of three components: admin panel for management,
web panel for administrators and users, Android app for the clients only.
Back-end was developed using Java, and front-end was done in Angular.

A mobile app is a native Kotlin product. A pretty large team was involved in this project,
and sometimes we’ve added more devs or testers to achieve the expected result.

Technical Strategy

We began our collaboration in 2019 with workshops that resulted in complete UX/UI design, user stories and wireframes. Because of the pandemic, we had to postpone the project for a bit, which resulted in a minor redesign halfway through 2020 before the start of development in August.