Get access to mental health treatment during and after integration therapy and holistic wellness treatment


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Mindleap Health is a Canadian company whose digital products connect specialists with people suffering from mental health issues and promote healthy mental well-being. Their goal is to provide access to mental health treatment by offering support before, during and after integration therapy and holistic wellness treatment. They connect specialists and clients in the USA and Canada through a complete telemed platform and enhance the wellbeing of people dealing with mental health problems through advanced mood and behavior analytics.


Mindleap Health needed a digital solution that would provide an effective management platform for mental health patients undertaking psychedelic integration therapy and other holistic wellness treatments.
Due to the nature of the therapy, traditional medical visits were a roadblock to effective treatment.

Mindleap Health experts recognized that they required a HIPAA compliant telemed solution with mood and behavioral tracking functionality to effectively manage these treatments. The solution had to be easy-to-use for both specialists and patients, provide inexpensive access to specialists, and ensure protection of all data. 


We were able to create a prototype of the application within a few weeks thanks to MindLeap Health’s preparation and market research, which helped them secure enough funding to create an extremely viable first release.  

The first version of the product was released at the end of September 2020 which coincided with Mindleap Health’s marketing campaign that included promo codes for their customers.

With the successful launch of the platform and thousands of downloads of the mobile applications, Mindleap Health was acquired by Mydecine Innovations Group assuring the funding required to further grow the company.

Technical Objective

Mindleap Health relied on our expertise with the only technical requirement being that it had to be modern, have the ability to scale with the business and it had to deliver their business goals. Our system architect chose Java and Angular to create the web app, Swift for the native iOS app and Kotlin for Android. Native languages were the best solution because the main component of the app was a video consultancy feature.

Technical Solution

Because of our vast experience in telemed solutions, our Business Analyst was able to help shape
the business model for Mindleap Health to ensure the product was efficient.
There was a need to clearly distinguish the wellness functionalities,
like the mood tracker, from the app’s business side which included video consultations.

Our security specialists took care of the product’s architecture to ensure it provided
the highest safety standards that a ‘medical software as a device’ requires.
For economic reasons, we decided to use a ready-made,
HIPAA compliant solution from CometChat instead of developing it from scratch. 

For payments, we decided to use a recognized provider in Stripe.
It’s a recognized solution known worldwide and was perfect for Mindleap Health’s business model,
where a contract can be signed with a specialist and payments settled inside the application.

Technical Strategy

To meet the business goals of Mindleap, we designed and developed:

  • Mobile apps for patients
  • Web app for specialists
  • Admin panel
  • WordPress website

The project began with a two-day UX/UI workshop in Warsaw with the co-founder and CEO of Mindleap Health. With a deeper understanding of the business goals, our design team prepared the first mockups of the solution.

A product backlog was created with prioritized user stories, which meant our UX/UI designers could create wireframes, visual designs and a clickable prototype of digital products. During the development phase, we started with the backend, then our mobile developers prepared the iOS and Android apps working closely with a QA engineer. For marketing purposes, Mindleap Health also engaged our developers to create their official website.