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Customer Story

High 5 Plumbing Sets the Bar High with BlueJeans

High 5 Plumbing is blazing a trail by doing business in new ways. Using the video conferencing platform BlueJeans Meetings, the company is pioneering virtual cost estimation, streamlining its operations, and expanding its workforce and markets.


  • High 5 Plumbing wanted to make the process of providing cost estimates easier and more efficient.


  • The company adopted BlueJeans Meetings as the sole video conferencing platform for its virtual cost estimate service, called High 5 Live.


  • High 5 Plumbing has sped up the process of setting up video calls and made them easier to join, improving customer experiences. 
  • The business has reduced its operating costs by offering virtual estimates.
  • About 70% of callers who would have said no to an in-home appointment opt for a video chat. 
  • The company has grown its pool of technicians, while enabling them to better manage their time.

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Denver, Colorado