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BlueJeans Meetings for Corporate Learning

Deliver unparalleled virtual learning and training experiences through next-level video conferencing.


BlueJeans Corporate Learning and Training Solution

An integrated virtual classroom experience designed to fuel engagement and eliminate administrative overhead.


360° Control

Facilitate seamless business training sessions with a flexible and customizable platform. Draw participants in with a diverse set of integrated teaching tools and communication methods.  



Enterprise-grade Security

Protect employee and trainer privacy with meeting passwords, locked meetings, and enterprise-grade encryption, included with BlueJeans Corporate Learning and Training tools. 



World-Class Audio & Video

Unparalleled audio clarity featuring high-definition audio and noise suppression. Spatial audio technology places voices in distinct locations, so conversations sound more natural.

Strengthen Management

Unparalleled Visibility

The Training Dashboard is designed to provide a full snapshot of everything that’s going on in the learning session, saving the trainer time from the administrative duties of online instruction and providing quick access to learning management tools.

Weather Person - Updated

Memorable Experiences

Effectively engage employees for an exceptional learning experience. Always-accessible chat, weatherperson presentation, breakout sessions, intelligent highlights, and a multi-participant whiteboard increase opportunities for everyone to engage during a live session.


Accessible for All

The BlueJeans Corporate Learning and Training platform supports closed captioning in 5 different languages and has the ability to provide simultaneous and/or relay interpretation in up to 120 different languages. BlueJeans also provides a variety of accessibility features, including keyboard and visual enablement solutions, to help all participants engage in virtual classroom sessions.

How It Works

The Training Dashboard allows instructors to build custom training experiences without having to manage disjointed features.

BlueJeans Corporate Learning and Training Platform

Featured Use Cases

Corporate Learning and Development Tools


Employee Onboarding

Create a lasting impression and deliver top-notch new employee onboarding experiences with BlueJeans for Corporate Learning and Training. 



Learning & Development

BlueJeans for Corporate Learning and Training provides instructors with a robust set of tools to deliver inclusive and engaging collaboration.

Product Education


Product Education

Conduct on-site product training using HD video and Dolby audio. Connecting from any device, on any platform, means you can communicate with anyone, anywhere.

Ensure your employees and trainers have the right tools at their fingertips.

BlueJeans Meetings Pro or Enterprise plans offer ideal feature sets for your corporate learning and training programs.