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BlueJeans Collab Board

Virtual Collaboration Whiteboard

Enrich your team’s collaboration experience with an infinite canvas for creativity.


What is BlueJeans Collab Board?

BlueJeans Collab Board allows teams to bring their ideas, thoughts, and content together on a virtual whiteboard that fosters creativity, agility, and engagement while working remotely. With simultaneous co-creation for up to 25 users, Collab Board lets you pick up right where you left off, whenever, wherever, on any device.


Ideation Toolkit

Turn ideas into action items with a variety of drawing tools and capabilities included with the collaboration whiteboard built for remote teams.



Allow the entire team to collaborate in real time during virtual meetings. Take notes, add feedback, or simply use the tool out-of-meeting to continue where you left off.



Always Accessible

Pick up right where you left off, whenever, wherever on any device. Collab Board works seamlessly on desktop, mobile, and web browser.

BlueJeans Virtual Whiteboard Presentation

Seamless Collaboration

Instead of a one-way presentation, BlueJeans Collab Board allows users to collaborate and engage with the information being discussed. Multiple users can make changes and add notes that can be quickly saved or shared for reference later.


Efficient Brainstorming

Designed to foster creativity, agility and engagement, the virtual whiteboard allows users to efficiently brainstorm on an infinite canvas. Access to tools like adding images, sticky notes, arrows, or screenshots allows the entire team to collaborate in real time.

All Devices

Available Everywhere

An infinite canvas with ample room for the best ideas to evolve over time, whether you are collaborating during a meeting or not. Collaboration whiteboards are always accessible on any device.

Boost Team Collaboration

BlueJeans Collab Board helps streamline creative collaboration within the team.

Brainstorming & Ideation

Build meaningful connections in large group settings with an efficient brainstorming session.

Cross-functional Alignment

Deliver better productivity and performance metrics by managing functional alignment efficiently.

Corporate Learning & Development

Arm users with an always-on collaboration platform that allows them to make the most of their training sessions.

Product Demos

Present an engaging new product demo with real-time feedback from the team.

Strategic Decision Making

Turn ideas into action items and make decisions in real time with remote teams.

Annual Planning

Maximize user engagement during annual or quarterly sales planning sessions with real-time collaboration.

Boost your team’s collaboration experience with BlueJeans Collab Board.