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Collaboration fuels the construction industry, where architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and clients join forces to turn plans into reality. 

However, the traditional practice of meeting on construction sites can be a drain on both time and resources. Seeking a more efficient approach, Clark Construction went all-in on video conferencing, adopting BlueJeans Meetings and BlueJeans Events to transform how the company collaborates.

The Perfect Fit

Clark Construction understood early on the potential of video conferencing to streamline communication and boost productivity. But its initial implementation of video conferencing rooms proved to be a cumbersome and costly affair. 

Determined to find a solution that simplified collaboration, the company set out to find a better alternative.

“My team came across BlueJeans while doing online research, and we shortlisted it along with three others,” shares Jake Endrick, Senior Operations IT Support Manager and Senior Systems Analyst.

The fact that BlueJeans Meetings didn’t require complicated and expensive equipment made it an attractive choice for Clark. “It checked most of the boxes we had,” adds Jake, “and every year, it’s been getting better and better.”

Seamless Collaboration from Anywhere

One of the standout features of BlueJeans Meetings for Senior Audiovisual Manager Peter Elliott is its unparalleled ease of use. It empowers users to join meetings from any device and any location. 

“It goes back to BlueJeans’ philosophy of making calls easy and seamless for everybody, no matter where they are and what they’re using,” he says. 

Clark integrated BlueJeans Meetings with its new Poly Trio conference phones, and this has made collaboration between internal teams and partners much easier. Now, construction teams can provide virtual site walkthroughs for clients and communicate real-time updates to the design team, all through high-quality video calls. 

In addition, because BlueJeans automatically adjusts to the connection strength of a network, teams can collaborate over video no matter how remote their project location. 

A Lifesaver

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, BlueJeans Meetings proved to be a lifesaver for Clark. The company needed to meet its commitments while ensuring the health and safety of project teams. 

Implementing a split-team approach — where one team would come into the office or project site one day, and the other would come in the next day — Clark relied on BlueJeans Meetings for collaboration. 

“The teams only had a few ways to collaborate,” says Peter. “They did some point-to-point texting and called via FaceTime. But the bulk of the meetings were on BlueJeans.”

BlueJeans Meetings particularly played a crucial role in facilitating activities that usually involve visiting the project site, such as building inspections. With pandemic restrictions in place, Clark had to find a way for inspectors to carry out required electrical, plumbing, and building inspections remotely.

“Folks were walking around our sites with their iPads or iPhones showing the inspector via BlueJeans what they needed to see,” shares Jake. “The inspector would ask our people to get closer to the plumbing system, electrical wiring, and so on. They were able to do all that remotely and we got the approvals to go ahead with our projects.”

Flawless Livestreams, Improved Connectivity

Wanting to improve collaboration across its extensive network of offices and project sites, Clark also adopted the virtual event platform BlueJeans Events. In the past, live broadcasts required the hiring of video production companies and involved time-consuming setup processes.

“Now, we can have our CEO address the company via BlueJeans Events and stream it to everyone,” says Jake.

By taking advantage of BlueJeans Events’ functionality and hosting all virtual events on the platform, Jake’s team has bid goodbye to the connectivity issues and audio–video discrepancies they encountered on their previous platform. 

“If we had to broadcast from a project site and the connection was poor, the livestream wouldn’t come out well,” he says. “Sometimes the video didn’t match the speaker’s voice. But with BlueJeans Events, everything works well.”

Unmatched Support

For Clark, BlueJeans is more than just a collaboration solution — it’s a trusted partner. The exceptional support Clark has received is a key reason it has chosen to stick with BlueJeans instead of switching to another provider.

“They’ve worked with us as a true partner and don’t treat Clark as just another client,” shares Jake. “Early on, we would make requests for functionality and call them about certain issues we were having. BlueJeans has always been extremely cooperative and very open with us about making improvements.”

Clark Audiovisual Administrator Brian Duffy agrees. “The members of the BlueJeans team I’ve worked with are always available and always willing to go the extra mile for us.”

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