The ability to engage with technology and artificial intelligence (AI) – knowingly or not – has become an integral part of everyday life. Recently, this could be seen no further than with the explosively popular ChatGPT tool or its impending counterpart, Sydney from Microsoft’s Bing. 

With AI becoming ever more immersive and engaging, it is important to have the right tools at your disposal to easily and confidently get the most out of these next-generation advancements.  



BlueJeans has deeply integrated AI within its platform for years, continuously evolving approaches while working hand-in-hand with users to provide a premium experience that makes meetings more effective.

As part of this continuous approach to innovation, BlueJeans remains steadfast in its focus on quality and performance. We believe everyone in every meeting should have crystal-clear audio, otherwise what’s the value in holding a meeting. To ensure this quality bar is met, we embed Dolby Voice in every video interaction, automatically removing disruptive background noises and optimizing speaker volume settings to ensure there is clarity surrounding every meeting. By intelligently matching each call’s audio characteristics with an ideal audio profile, BlueJeans is able to leverage AI to ensure premium performance is always available. 

Dolby Voice and its spatial audio are not just a gimmick, but rather an intuitive and smart technology for everyone in a BlueJeans meeting. 

Weather Person - Updated


Beyond stunning audio quality, incorporating Computer Vision, which trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world, is the latest technological update we’ve incorporated into the BlueJeans platform to engage and delight end users.

Take Weatherperson Mode, a newer feature that allows you to present virtually in front of a team in a way that feels more like a traditional “conference room” experience by providing the ability to layer the presenter image over content, allowing individuals to have a truly engaging and optimal experience for presentations. The best part? No green-screen is required and presenters can position themselves in front of any kind of content - not just slides.  

Further, with lighting enhancements and auto-camera framing, you can be rest assured that BlueJeans is always there to eliminate potential video distractions while keeping you looking your best. Our computer vision models are trained to keep attendees in frame and highlighted with the best possible characteristics.  



As we continue to become a more intertwined global community, meetings are in many cases multilingual. Rather than exclusively relying on a 3rd party translation service, BlueJeans is proud to be an accessible platform with automatic transcription and closed captioning in German, Spanish, French, English, and Japanese. When enabled, the speaker’s voice is transcribed into text via BlueJeans’ natural language processing technology, enabling users to work globally with confidence that everyone on the call will be able to follow along.  

To go along with the transcription and closed captioning, also embedded into the BlueJeans software is our industry-first Smart Meetings technology. 

Looking at investment analysts who are conducting quarterly financial calls, Smart Meetings help to make things easier by allowing them to “tag” important parts of the call for quick segments to be reviewed at a later time. Smart Meetings functionality additionally includes highlighting these moments as well and the ability to input text comments when returning to view this content at a later date. 

smart scrum


By moving beyond only recording a meeting, Smart Meetings enhances it, allowing the most vital parts to be captured and analyzed at a moments notice. 

Working with transcriptions, Smart Meetings makes sure that nothing important is missed and that the ability to have a productive meeting can always occur.

Finally, it’s important to recognize that AI isn’t only important for keeping quality and productivity in check during meetings, but also for helping system administrators proactively understand network conditions and potential blind spots that are impacting users.  Proactive analytics and reporting via BlueJeans Command Center can assist administrators in tackling issues before they become problems while also enabling the identification of silent sufferers who may not even know they could have a better experience.    

BlueJeans is on the cutting edge of integrating AI and advanced technology into our software, something you must see to believe. Stay tuned to see how this evolves in the near future!

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