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BlueJeans Accessible Video Conferencing

Delivering on our promise to enable video conferencing for all

Accessibility Features for Virtual Meetings and Events

BlueJeans has integrated a comprehensive inclusive design methodology during our product development process to ensure we are meeting the accessibility needs of all of our customers. We expect to provide core accessibility features across our complete product portfolio.



Closed Captioning

BlueJeans provides automatic closed captioning that is as simple as checking a box. This intelligent add-on eliminates the need to manually enter captions. BlueJeans also offers meeting transcription to capture discussion context for reference.


Keyboard Accessibility

BlueJeans ensures that all users have the ability to use the keyboard to join and control their meetings without the need of a mouse. Additionally, users have access to keyboard shortcuts to mute their audio and video streams.


Visual Enablement

BlueJeans supports common screen readers such as NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver, and Android Talkback to aid product navigation for users with visual impairments. Additionally, we have provided high-contrast user elements to better distinguish between product options.

To learn more about enabling BlueJeans accessibility features for BlueJeans Virtual Meetings, please visit our support page and click here for more information about accessibility features for BlueJeans Events.